I am sound vibration.

So are you. All of creation is sound vibration- the primordial ohm.

In the beginning, before there was light, there was sound. Consciousness is in essence, sound vibration. Words are how pure consiousness and pure awareness manifest. This is how everything- all reality is created. It has been written, ‘In the beginning, was the word.’ That word is ohm (aum, om, amen). The literal translation of ohm, is love.

It is is love that vibrates all creation into existence. All other sounds are in harmony or discord with the vibration of ohm (love). This is why anything that is not love, feels wrong. It is discordant with ohm. This is the essence of duality, which is the illusion that we are anything separate from love.

The vibration of ohm (love) is the only destructive power in the universe, as well as being the only creative power. Anything that does not resonate with love with must raise it’s vibration to match, or it is destroyed. This is what is happening on our planet right now. We are all coming back into harmony with ohm  and all that does not resonate with love is crumbling. Our vibration (our whole planet) is ascending to attune solely with love, moving us out of duality and back into oneness.

I am here to help. If you are reading this, you are too. Like me, I’m sure you identify as many things. I am a student, a teacher, a healer, a communicator, a priestess, a light worker, a sound worker, a lover and a friend. But at the root of it all, I am here to serve.

I joyfully serve love, in whatever capacity I can. I am a willing servant of love, and have devoted my soul to it’s service. This blog is a manifestation of my role in service as a communicator and channel of spirit. I am here to bring you words of peace and of love. To bring you ohm. To reassure you all, you are not alone,  we are all one and you are truly loved.


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