Money – Letting It Flow Joyfully

Money is a strange topic with it comes to spirituality, and there are a lot of different opinions out there… Some people see money as a necessary evil that should be treated with wariness- some people have an ingrained idea that it’s holy to be poor that money is the root of all evil.

I don’t believe money or material possessions are evil or good inherently, it’s what you do with them. The intention behind them and how you use them.

I believe the universe is abundant, and that it’s completely possible to be a spiritual being who takes pleasure in material things. After all, we choose to come here to a material plane to experience a physical reality. I think it’s all in the balance. It’s great not to covet things, or to obsess about things. I don’t want that many things. I am perfectly content with all I do like things with a certain aesthetic though, and things of a certain quality. It brings me pleasure to have furniture that matches and that’s ok! I also have recently bought a few items that will bring me lots of pleasure and joy. New hoops for dancing, a couple new scarves that are pretty… A Xbox 360 with Kinect so the whole family can play games and be active throughout the winter when we can’t play outside. I don’t feel guilty about that, because a) I am not spending money I don’t have and b) while they aren’t necessities, they are going to bring me, and others lasting joy!  I think that’s my criteria for purchasing luxuries… How much joy with they bring, and will they enrich our lives. If yes, and we can afford them, then why the heck not?

Might as well, since I’ve learned to manifest as much money as I need. I’ve learned  through trial and error that the most useful approach for me with money is to see it as Tao.To let it flow, and allow giving and receiving to come naturally, without effort.

When I worry about money, when I start to worry about spending it,  or worry about making enough, I manifest a lack of money in my life. It’s hard to break out of this cycle. It’s important to allow money to be fluid, liquid… In order to attract it into your life, you have to give it freely as well, without worry. When you are generous with money, with gifts, etc you start to resonate at a frequency that attracts more money into your life. Money likes to be free!

I’m not saying spend all your savings, or spend money like a mad man or anything like that. It’s important to have savings, and to put some money away with every paycheck or every month. But being miserly with money does more harm than good. I know for me, it’s about using my intuition, and not being selfish

If you see something you’d like to contribute to, be it a charity or a project, please do! If you see something that would make a fantastic gift for someone, even if it’s not their birthday or a holiday- buy it! (You can even save it for a special occasion if you’d like, but it’s more fun to give presents just because). If you see something you’d love, that would fill your life with joy (real joy, not the kind that wears off a week later once the novelty wears off), treat yourself. Once you release your tight grip on money, and your worries and cares about it not coming back to you, it starts flowing in.

It’s like anything you hold on to too tightly. It starts to get resentful and wants to get away! Ever try to cuddle a kitty that didn’t want to be held? It’s all about having the vibration that makes money want to come hang out with you, and stay for a cuddle. I know that sounds crazy…  I totally had an image of Uncle Scrooge from Ducktails swimming in his piles of money. But you know what I mean. Create the right environment and it will flourish!

Money isn’t the root of all evil, nor the cause of all joy, but it can be both or either depending on how you perceive it.  Use money as a tool to grow your joy, and the joy of other beings and have some fun while you’re at it.

Manifesting Awesome and Radiating Light

I’ve decided to be less specific when I’m manifesting things.

I know the universe has a better perspective than I do, so I’ve decided to surrender to it, and be less specific  more often. Rather than trying to manifest things like: more money, or better hours at work, I’ve started just placing my focused attention on manifesting awesomeness of any sort into my life.

In the mornings, I take some time to pray/set intention for the day and connect with my higher self and the universe. Really, it’s just me talking in my head, or out loud to whatever/whoever is listening, which focuses my energy at a particular vibration level. Then, things of the same vibrational energy will be attracted back to me.

It’s a lot of fun, not knowing exactly what is coming up, but knowing that awesome things lie ahead. In return for all the awesomeness, I know my job is simply to radiate as much light and love as I can back into the universe. This keeps my vibrational level high, which in turn attracts more of that awesomeness, and more love and light back towards me.  It’s an infinite loop that is continually creating more light, love and awesomeness, of which the world can never have enough!

Changing My Perspective

I am usually a really, really positive person.

I’ve been told my super power is to find a silver lining in any dark cloud. It is true that I can find a positive spin for absolutely anything, but every once  in a while I give in to circumstances and allow myself to feel crappy. It’s partly laziness,  sometimes feeling hard done by because things didn’t go exactly as I expected them to and sometimes it’s just me being too dang hard on myself.

Once I start the negative self talk “This is stupid… This is unfair… I’m gonna get sick… I’m gonna get fat after eating all that….”,  I create that reality for myself. Whatever I’m saying is exactly what happens. It spirals, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and leads to more and more negativity.

Fortunately for me, these moods never last long. A day or two max. Unfortunately for me, I realize the whole time that I am choosing my narrative, and that the negativity is simply indulgence. That adds some extra guilt to the whole package ’cause I know all it would take to pull myself up and out of the hole is a change in my perspective.

It takes some practice, but we are able to control our thoughts, which in turn control our emotions, bodies, actions and even our deeds.  Seriously, there is something to this whole ‘positive thinking’ thing people go on about. It also works in the other direction. Your actions and bodies can change your emotions and thoughts as well. For example, if you fake smile  or laugh when you are feeling down  you will actually start to feel better. There is a biofeedback between your body and brain that works almost like magic.

This is the main idea behind the science of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which literally means programing your neural pathways with your words.  People have been using words, mantras,  affirmations, incantations and all other manner of words with focused intention behind them, to change or create a certain feeling, emotion or reality for a millenia. There is actually a science behind it. NLP explains the physiological process involved and some amazing quantum physics (outside the scope of this post) explain the how.

But regardless of how it works, I do know affirmations change our thought patterns and in turn create our reality.

My affirmations for this week are:

I am healthy, happy and whole.

I am peaceful and joyful in every moment.

I am unfazed by the little irritations that life brings.

I bring joy, light and love to every situation I encounter.

I am patient.

I practice loving kindness and compassion with myself and all others beings I encounter.

I am love.

What affirmations will change your perspective today?