Laughter Yoga- Hilarious!!!!


Lately I’ve been stressing a bit about some big life changes that are coming up for me.

After having a fantastic talk with my love, we decided to try to minimize the stresses as much as we could, by stepping back and not trying so hard. To surrender and allow life to flow joyfully, instead of trying to control and decide everything.

I am super grateful that just hours after making that intention, I attended a FUN(draiser) with some of the most amazing activities, with amazing people. Edmonton has such an intensely active and amazing community of awesomeness. I can’t quite describe it, but there are so many joyful people in this city who are all about getting together as a community, celebrating life with dance, music, laughter and silliness  who are also interested in manifesting change for the world.

The laughter yoga was hilarious. We started off playing a bunch of games in a circle… There were silly games involving sound effects, movement, dancing, yelling, clapping, singing and general goofiness. We even made laughter soup. Then we had some free form laughter when we were all warmed up. We sat on the ground, leaning back against two or three people and we just laughed. Other people’s laughs were enough to make us laugh. People shouted things out. We made sounds and faces and tickled each other. We laughed and laughed and laughed until we were spent.

The premise behind this crazy laughter is that laughing feels good and it’s good for you. It floods your system with happy endorphins, lowers blood pressure, while increasing circulation and general well being. Most importantly, it increases joy. It’s also a great way to blow off steam. It sounds strange to laugh on purpose, or without finding things really funny at first, but your body can’t tell the difference AND laughter begets laughter. Fake or forced laughs become real ones really quickly in a crowd of sillies.

I feel all happy and tingly from the endorphin rush hours later.

We ended the night with a Tibetan sound healing. Our facilitator bathed us in beautiful resonant gongs sounds that vibrated through our bodies and right into our souls. It was peaceful and I felt connected to the primordial ohm, the pure resonance of manifestation, where anything is possible and everything already is. It was beautiful.

This fundraiser was to send a friend of mine and his friend to an International Drum Circle facilitator conference in South Carolina. These men do fine work already and people are excited to see what will happen when they return! I can’t wait to attend more events like this.

I’ll leave you with the parting words of one of the attendees this evening.

Peace, love and nonsense!


I actually am happy.

A question was posted on a hooping forum I am member of. The question was: ” Are you happy?  No seriously?Are you  happy?”

My answer seemed like something I might as well  share here as well as on the board.

” I am happy. Not always of course, sometimes I get kind of down, sad or angry, but it generally passes quickly and I’m back to my baseline state of happy. I’m not all and rainbows and puppies, but there are moments- many moments lately when I’m not just happy, I’m joyful and I actually feel like I might just explode into confetti sparkles. I really try not to be nauseating about it, but I’m sure I’ve annoyed people who don’t want happiness around them.

It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to this place though. A lot of self discovery, a lot of introspection and dealing with old emotions that I had just ignored at the time. Lots of (don’t laugh, it was pretty helpful) inner child work, lots of journaling, meditation, prayer, physical activity,  lots of work on identifying what I actually wanted out of life and then manifesting that. I read hundreds of self help books, I’ve gone on lots of retreats and workshops.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned about happiness for me is that I am the one who is responsible for my own happiness. No one else is. I get to choose how I react to every single event, every moment of my life. I might as well choose to be happy and to make choices that make me happy.  Now, I know that if you are chemically depressed it’s not as easy as just this, but it still comes down to making choices and taking personal responsibility for your life.

You create your reality with your thoughts. If you think life sucks, it will. The more you love life, the more it will love you back. It is the law of attraction, the secret… whatever you call it, we live the life we think of.

Whatever you think of comes back to you… If you focus on the crap, what you lack, what sucks and what has made you unhappy in the past, you just wind up attracting more of it into your life. It sounds so trite, but there really is something to the whole positive thinking jazz.

You can train your brain, and choose your thoughts. It’s really tough at first, but you can use things like meditation and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to change your thought patterns and put them under your control. Then, you can consciously create your reality. Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways of cultivating thing. Practicing gratitude automatically changes your thoughts and will actually change your life. After awhile it becomes a habit and things start to get crazy wonderful when you are grateful for everything that is.

Once you’d created happy, healthy thought habits, you have the power to create the life that makes you happy. You get to choose happiness in every moment.

Barney Stinson said it best. “One morning I woke up and I was sad, and then I decided to be awesome instead. True story!”

After years of learning how, I can finally do this and it’s more rewarding that I can even explain.
Life becomes awesome at a whole ‘nother level.

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and I’m not really celebrating in the traditional way since I’ll be working tonight and tomorrow, but I still wanted to give thanks. I have a lot to be thankful for. You all know I’m big on gratitude, and I have to say, after this eye surgery, I feel so full of gratitude and thanks I might explode! (What a way to do that would be, hey?)

I am so very thankful for my life. All of it. I am so lucky that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I honestly can’t think of a single thing I would change about my life right now.

I’m not going to make a list, because it sounds so trite.

I am really, honestly and truly thankful for every little bit of my existence, and all the people and things in it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am also incredibly thankful to know that it’s not just dumb luck that I am so happy with everything. I am grateful I have taken the time and effort to learn how to create and manifest my life into it’s current form. I am incredibly grateful that my journey has brought me here, and also so grateful to know it will never end.


Was Blind….

But I had laser surgery!!!!!!!

I’ve gone from being blind and helpless without my glasses or contacts to being able to see better than I ever imagined  without them in less than 24 hours.

I shouldn’t be on the computer for too long right now, so I’ll keep this brief.


Thank you thank thank you! Thank you to my surgeon, the fantastic staff at Laser MD (especially the guy who held my hands during the actual surgery), to my best friend and my love for taking such good care of me yesterday, to all my friends and family who were so excited for me, to everyone who wished me well and to the universe for existing and allowing it all to happen.

It’s still very surreal, and very amazing. I don’t think the full significance will sink in for a while, but I am so full of gratitude right now. Oh, also, I wanted to thank the laser of awesome for zapping me. Eximer laser, you rocked my world!

It’s going to be interesting to see how this will affect my life, in the day-to-day and at the spiritual level. I already find it empowering, to no longer be dependent on corrective lenses, or someone else to help me see. All I know so far is that it’s awesome to be able to see.

Cultivating Gratitude


I haven’t blogged much yet about gratitude, which is strange, because it’s something I think about all the time.  Actually, when I started actively cultivating gratitude in my life, my whole life changed. Something shifted and everything just became more wonderful, literally. I was full of wonder and awe at all the amazingness that life has to offer.

Gratitude is pretty much a standard part of any spiritual life or philosophy. You hear a lot about giving thanks, and being grateful for what you have. But how often do you really take a few minutes to feel gratitude for what is?

A few years ago, I started seeing number combination’s of 1, 2, 3’s and 0’s on the clock constantly. It seemed like I would just happen to glance at the clock at 1:23, 11:23, 11:32, 10:23, 10:32 and so on every day.  Morning and night. I felt like I was being guided to see those numbers, and I felt it might mean something. I couldn’t figure out what the meaning was (not that I looked that hard into it), so I just took it as a sign to take a moment out, and be grateful. Sometimes I would think of something specific, and other times it was just a general shout out, a ‘Thank you!’ to the universe.

As time went on, gratitude became such a habit, that I was feeling it at other times than when I looked at the clock or saw a number combination. I started feeling it more intensely as well, with every fiber of my being, a true gratefulness for absolutely everything.

I found out later that the numbers have several meanings, but basically they state that you are being guided, and your thoughts are manifesting, so keep your thoughts positive and your intentions of the highest order.

As I cultivated this gratitude, my thoughts naturally became more positive. You manifest what you think of, so as this happened,  more and more awesomeness manifested in my life.

And for that,  I am incredibly grateful.