I don’t remember that much of my childhood. It feels almost as though I were on autopilot most of the time, waiting to grow up a bit before really being present. I guess that’s probably true of most people. I felt like I was waiting to get to the good stuff.  I remember spending as much time as I could reading.  I always had my nose in a book…   I broke my pinkie toe walking into a wall while I was reading.

I read a wide variety of things, but I loved historical fiction and non fiction that explained the world to me… I remember being captivated by things like Ancient Egypt, and captivated by tales of mystics and things running towards the more “occult” and “New Age” categories.

I also remember realizing at about age 11, that I could get anything I wanted, if I focused hard enough.I also found that nothing ever really surprised me. Learning anything new felt more like remembering something. I felt as though the mysteries of the world weren’t really as mysterious as they seemed, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it yet.

I grew up Roman Catholic from my mom’s side, but with a distinctly rational, scientific bent from my dad. I went to a Catholic Elementary school, and  a Lutheran high school. I always believed in God. I could feel the presence of the divine at times, but I didn’t know exactly what form it actually took (if any at all).

I decided not to be confirmed at age 11. I respected the church, but I knew that it was missing giant pieces of the puzzle, and also, missed a whole lot of the point. Through out the next few years, I considered myself to be agnostic and I explored as much religion and philosophy as I could get my hands on. I was lucky enough to learn about different world religions in high school, where we studied Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Jainism and Islam  in Christian Ethics classes. We also learned how to meditate, and learned about the difference between new Religions and cults.

I embraced Eastern Religions, attracted to the idea of a less anthropomorphic divinity. I adored Hinduism, with it’s emphasis on yoga (union with the divine) as having many different paths- knowledge, devotion, etc. I couldn’t imagine there being any one right or wrong way to connect with the divine.

During my post secondary schooling, I continued to study religion and spirituality cross culturally, and I came to think of myself as a Universalist – someone who believes that ultimately at the core, all religions are saying the same thing when you strip away the man made dogma.

I was about 25 when everything  came together for me, and I felt like I had discovered what I truly believed spiritually. This was after years of searching and introspection, mystical experiences, meditation, heated debates and discussion and revelations.

We are all sparks of the divine. Ultimately there is only one,  the source, but the universe exists in duality, and there are male and female aspects of the divine. The God and Goddess. The male aspect represents unmanifest pure consiousness. Pure awareness. The female aspect represents manifestation.  Thought manifests as sound. The primordeal Ohm (or OM, or AUM) is the foundation for all that is manifest. At the root of this sound, is love.

Creation is infinite, and there are constantly new kinds of energy, and new beings of spirit being created, in many, many different forms. We are but one kind of energy which is a manifestation of divine energy. Our spirits, and everything exist because we can.  Pure consciousness and pure awareness  becomes form, so there can be experiences. There is a big difference between intellectual knowledge and experiential knowledge.

We, as beings of spirit, incarnate on Earth to Experience. Everything. We want to, so we can learn for ourselves, and experience things for the universe as a whole. We all contribute to the whole, which synergistically is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Everything thing we experience goes into making existence what it is, which is everything.

The challenges and the darkness are part of duality. We learn from the darkness, from pain and from suffering. It’s part of the human condition on purpose. We choose to experience pain so that we can learn from it, for ourselves and for everything else.

Our spirits evolve as they learn and grow. Some of us are older and more experienced than others. Some of us are brand new souls who are incarnating for the first time. Some of us have had experience on other planets and in other dimensions (Earth isn’t the only planetary school).  The universe is more wondrous, diverse and amazing than we can conceptualize while we inhabit a human body and brain. This isn’t all there is. There are layers and layers, other dimensions to the fabric of existence. It’s amazing and awesome (in the new and the older sense of the word).

The really good news is- being on Earth is the hardest part. Seriously. Those of us who have chosen to come down here to learn are hard core. It’s a tough school. So tough countless beings never come here. Some never come back after a few lives. We’re here because we want to be. Be proud of yourself for making it here, and making it this far. The very fact that you are living and breathing on this Earth proves that you are a strong, beautiful soul who is dedicated to their own evolution and higher learning.

If you are reading this, you are a lightworker. A soul incarnate, dedicated to spread light and love on the Earth. You may know this already, or you may have just always felt that you have a purpose. A mission in life and a reason for being here.  It’s true. You do.  Individual reasons for being here vary, but it’s all about the Experience. To learn, and to help. To love and to be loved.

There are more of us here on the planet than ever before and we are working together to create a world where love is all there is.


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