Dancing into Being



When I began writing this blog, I felt words spilling and tumbling out of me. I found so much joy in crafting sentences and paragraphs to share my experiences. Then, my experiences became so profound, words started to seem incomplete and frustrating. I had begun dancing again, and I was moving in ways so profound that I was speechless. I moved away from writing and focused on dancing, and on simply being.
As thing spiraled along, I have come back to a place where words seem appropriate… I want to chronicle this new part of my journey. I am still dancing but rather than it taking me to a wordless metaphysical place, I find my dance is allowing me to once again inhabit the world of form and words. I am really enjoying the physically of life, and being present in my body.

I used to feel frustrated and trapped in this dimension as a human. Now I’ve really come to appreciate that we all chose to be here, to be spiritually beings inhabiting a body. We came to learn things we couldn’t if we always stay in our lightbodies. So, I’ve decided to embrace my physical form and learn whatever I can from it.
I’m embarking on a new mission, to listen to my body and love it,. To respect it and to use it as a tool for unearthing deep wisdom about living as spirit on a physical plane.
I’ve started a new blog to chronicle my thoughts and experiences.

Come join me as I explore what it’s like to really listen to the storehouse of wisdom contained in my cells and as I learn to unite my body, mind and soul together as one super awesome entity of wholeness!