Beyond Words

I hardly write anymore.

The words no longer come as easily. They seem incredibly imprecise, and unwieldy.Sounds like a case of writer’s block, but fortunately, it’s just a new part of my experience. It seems that the further along I go on my spiritual journey, the less important words become. Maybe it’s because there are no words for many of the experiences I have. Not in any language I know, at least. Any time I try to describe where I am now, the words seem trite and clumsy.

I am so glad there are other ways to communicate. When I am present with you, I can communicate so much more clearly- a smile, a look, a touch, a hug…

Then, there is also the dance.

When I dance, I touch the deepest parts of my own spirit, and if you watch me, and you notice- you can feel it too.See? Even that sounds trite. It doesn’t begin to convey the energy that is exchanged between us. The energy work I do  (that we all do) when we move authentically and dance in ecstatic communion with the universe.

It seems like it is a common experience though, to lose interest in words. One of my inspirations to start blogging about my journey, Ariel Bravy who had an amazing blog You are Truly Loved writes about it here :

He writes that he has literally no desire to go into the changes that transpired within that made him lose interest in the process of documenting his spiritual experiences. He says “It’s like, when you learn how to walk, just walk! “.

I learned to walk, and then I learned to dance and I want to explain it, but I can’t. I will occasionally continue to try, it’s moving beyond words… Into the realm of experience.



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