The Ultimate Lesson (I Need Sacred)

Last February, I sprained my ankle so hard, I chipped off a piece of bone in the middle of my foot (it’s called an avulsion fracture).  I was off work for 8 weeks (since I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t serve) and the whole experience was pretty intense.

I learned so much during that period. I learned what I needed to be happy and healthy (sleep, food, sunshine, cuddles and dance were right up there on the list). I learned how to ask for help. I learned how to communicate better with my family. I learned just how lucky I was to have the friends, family and fiance that I have. I learned how to appreciate the simple things in life, like being able to walk, stand or take a shower. When I struggled with an inflamed nerve, I learned how desperate and angry pain can make you.

Throughout the whole experience, I was grateful for the lessons it was bringing. I knew how necessary they all were and I’ve been taking much better care of my mental and physical health since then. I also have integrated dance into my every day life, which brings me so much joy it’s hard to believe.

Almost a year later, when I had pretty much forgotten how much the whole thing had hurt,  I pulled a tendon in the same  foot.  It started rubbing on the same nerve I had injured the year before, and suddenly every step hurt… For a few days, every breath hurt. It was agonizing fiery nauseating pain that was confusing as hell, because there wasn’t a single incident that preceded it. Turns out it was a just a series of micro traumas caused by poor biomechanics. It was an inevitable injury because I was out of alignment. Physically and spiritually.

Our bodies are our messengers. When we are in pain, or injured, it’s our souls way of getting our attention. There are so many lessons to be learned from our pain.  You can dialogue with your body part, and ask it what’s wrong. It seems silly, but there is so much wisdom within you that is just waiting for you to listen.

So I went through physio, I was kind to my ankle, I tried to honor it and I asked it what was  wrong. All it would tell me was that there were lessons to be learned still.

Any time I tried to do any energy healing, it would tell me… Not yet, there are still lessons to be learned from your pain. It slowly got better, but tendons do not heal very quickly, and the injury was keeping me from living full-out, from working full-out and most importantly from dancing full-out.

2 months into this annoying pain, I was at a music event, and I wanted to dance. It had been fine earlier in the day, but suddenly the pain was back. Exasperated, I sat down and asked my leg (Ok, fine, I yelled at my leg) “What do you need?” “What is it?!?” “Seriously, what is the lesson here, what do you want????!?”

My leg replied, ” I need sacred.”

A wave of relief and understand came over me, as I finally understood the lesson. The pain is there as a reminder to me to deepen my connection to the divine, to the sacred. To realize and honor my spirit.

I am at a point in understanding and connection to my higher self, that I can tune into that feeling of deep bliss and connection to the god-source any time I focus my attention on love. I don’t do it all the time though, of course. I’m busy and caught up in life and what-have you.

But my pain is there to remind me to tune in more often.  Basically, the only way for me to live a pain-free existence is to spend my time in blissful consciousness.  The pain’s role is to ninja whip my consciousness into shape.

So there it is.. The Ultimate Lesson from my leg.

It’s almost ridiculous, really. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I realized what my guides and my spirit had put together to train me. It’s ingenious really. Devious too. Spirit does have a wicked sense of humor, and I am so grateful for the lessons.


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