Allowing Things To Flow

I know how important it is in life to surrender, and let things flow. To work with life circumstances  instead of fighting against them.  It makes everything so much easier, and I have so many examples of how things flow better for me when I accept what life is offering me and learn the lessons presented in front of me.

Yet, I forget this sometimes. I forget completely and I feel overwhelmed by circumstances.  I get frustrated when things aren’t ‘ happening exactly the way I hoped they would. Take this last month for example. I pulled a tendon in my foot, the same one I broke around this time last year. It didn’t put me out of commission entirely, but it definitely reduced my work schedule and my ability to dance. I was all gibbled at the Hoop Path workshop that I was so excited to rock out at. I still learned so much, and connected with a lot of amazing people, but it was slightly disappointing not to bring my A-game.

But there were lessons I still hadn’t quite learned from my last injury… I’m not even entirely sure what they all are (always so many lessons in each set of circumstances).  One of the things I’ve been reminded of is that I require physical activity to be able to feel healthy and happy, especially when it’s combined with a creative outlet, like dance. When I don’t dance, my emotions become erratic and everything is way too full of drama. I also think way too much.

Being injured made me start to question my plans… I want to teach sacred dance classes, but I was having trouble figuring out how to study for this and how and when to launch my new career. I kept worrying that I’d never get better, and worrying that it was a stupid idea, and that I should be looking for a more stable career with a more guaranteed income, etc, etc… I started doubting my abilities, just because I was temporarily sidelined. I have a bad habit of thinking I’ll heal faster than I actually do, which always leads to frustration and disappointment. Fortunately my sister talked me through it this time.

It’s all about respecting the ebb and flow of energy and ability, and allowing the body time to recover. Apparently tendons heal quite slowly, so I’ll have lots of opportunity to practice my patience. But it was just yesterday that I decided I was going to stop worrying about what step to take next with respect to my training and career… I decided to stop trying to force things along, and just relax and let them happen. I decided to surrender to the process (thank you SaFire for that inspiration). I decided to let go and allow things to flow.

When I got home this afternoon, I found a ‘Dance the Body Divine’ virtual facilitator training course in my inbox. I’ve been keeping an eye on their sacred dance facilitator training and I thought I was going to have to fly to the States. I didn’t expect there to be online training, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to be able to attend any training so soon but, one day after deciding to surrender and allow things to unfold, the training came to me! April 16th!

It’s so nice to be validated so quickly. It really helps drive my own point home to me!

Thank you universe for bring me the tools to help bring flow to others lives!

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  1. Latia
    Apr 28, 2013 @ 07:45:48

    Why is your site not iphone compatible? Needed to go to my PC
    and finish reading. Your site basically froze up my
    iphone… that’s bad.


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