In A Place Beyond Words

I haven’t been thinking much lately and it’s been really nice.

I’ve been visiting a place beyond words… A place of pure sound, pure experience. A place where kittens live.

When I talk to them, it’s usually a greeting, something  non nonsensical, or just a few soothing words.  But when I’m with them, I try to stay present, in the moment.

When I play with them, I am usually engaged. It’s hard not to be. They’re hilarious, the two of them- Q and Moo. I will admit that I’ve gotten bored after 45 minutes of playing with a feather sparkly thing on a stick and I’ll sit at my computer, dangling the stick beside me, but I usually tire them out before I get bored.

When they come up to sit on my lap, especially at the computer, I try to stop whatever I’m doing and give them my full attention. They reward me for that with giant purrs that soothe my soul and heart stealing moments where they just gaze into my eyes with what I feel is genuine love and affection. Especially Q, my beautiful 9 week old lady with the icy blue eyes that seem to know me from somewhere or somewhen far away from here.

These kittens take me out of whatever it is I am thinking about and make me put aside any plans I am making. They  take me deep into the moment. It feels full and alive, joyous, lucky and peaceful.


Q and Moo






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bryan
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 20:10:18

    Kittehs can be so effin fantastic. Stress reliever to the max! Q has the same eyes as my Zipp, so beautiful. =D

    But seriously, your kittens are cute as hell!


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