Honoring Rhythms and Cycles

My world has slowed right down.

It’s January. The craziness of the holiday season is over, I’ve finished the rounds visiting friends and family and I can finally sit here in my PJ’s, relax and enjoy. We’ve had about 25 cms of fresh snow over the last two days, and it’s a wonderful excuse to stay home. Sure, I can get out easily in my SUV with great winter tires, but just because I can doesn’t mean I have to. In fact, I don’t even want to.  At least not today.

Winter is a time for stillness, for letting everything settle down and move more slowly. I’m not saying life should stop dead, only that we should take a clue from all the animals hibernating. If we don’t fly south to escape, it’s natural to have an impulse to hide away from everything, at least for a little while.

The whole crazy holiday thing becomes even more stressful because it takes place in winter.  When you add in bad weather, the inevitable colds and flus, lack of sunshine and the innate desire to slow day on cold days it’s no wonder it’s a stressful time.  But people power through it, out of internal and external obligations.

I for one, am glad that I can finally honor my natural rhythm, and rest. Stay a little quieter for just a little while. It’s a completely natural process to have ebbs and flows of energy in your life. It’s a cyclical process, just like the seasons and it’s ok to give into the urge to curl up by the fire-place, ( or in my case, on the couch under a blanket) and put off the to do list for a little while.

I’m using the snow as an excuse. I don’t really need one, but I’ll gladly take it if it’s there.





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