In A Place Beyond Words

I haven’t been thinking much lately and it’s been really nice.

I’ve been visiting a place beyond words… A place of pure sound, pure experience. A place where kittens live.

When I talk to them, it’s usually a greeting, something  non nonsensical, or just a few soothing words.  But when I’m with them, I try to stay present, in the moment.

When I play with them, I am usually engaged. It’s hard not to be. They’re hilarious, the two of them- Q and Moo. I will admit that I’ve gotten bored after 45 minutes of playing with a feather sparkly thing on a stick and I’ll sit at my computer, dangling the stick beside me, but I usually tire them out before I get bored.

When they come up to sit on my lap, especially at the computer, I try to stop whatever I’m doing and give them my full attention. They reward me for that with giant purrs that soothe my soul and heart stealing moments where they just gaze into my eyes with what I feel is genuine love and affection. Especially Q, my beautiful 9 week old lady with the icy blue eyes that seem to know me from somewhere or somewhen far away from here.

These kittens take me out of whatever it is I am thinking about and make me put aside any plans I am making. They  take me deep into the moment. It feels full and alive, joyous, lucky and peaceful.


Q and Moo





Honoring Rhythms and Cycles

My world has slowed right down.

It’s January. The craziness of the holiday season is over, I’ve finished the rounds visiting friends and family and I can finally sit here in my PJ’s, relax and enjoy. We’ve had about 25 cms of fresh snow over the last two days, and it’s a wonderful excuse to stay home. Sure, I can get out easily in my SUV with great winter tires, but just because I can doesn’t mean I have to. In fact, I don’t even want to.  At least not today.

Winter is a time for stillness, for letting everything settle down and move more slowly. I’m not saying life should stop dead, only that we should take a clue from all the animals hibernating. If we don’t fly south to escape, it’s natural to have an impulse to hide away from everything, at least for a little while.

The whole crazy holiday thing becomes even more stressful because it takes place in winter.  When you add in bad weather, the inevitable colds and flus, lack of sunshine and the innate desire to slow day on cold days it’s no wonder it’s a stressful time.  But people power through it, out of internal and external obligations.

I for one, am glad that I can finally honor my natural rhythm, and rest. Stay a little quieter for just a little while. It’s a completely natural process to have ebbs and flows of energy in your life. It’s a cyclical process, just like the seasons and it’s ok to give into the urge to curl up by the fire-place, ( or in my case, on the couch under a blanket) and put off the to do list for a little while.

I’m using the snow as an excuse. I don’t really need one, but I’ll gladly take it if it’s there.




New Years Intentions

The word resolutions is  loaded, mostly with perceptions of failure and broken promises. This year, rather than resolving to do anything, I am simply making a list of intentions.

What I intent to focus my attention on this year:

Love, Fun and Laughter

Love is the obvious one, for obvious reasons. Because it’s so obvious, I thought about omitting it, but I didn’t want to read my intentions later, and ask “Where is the love?”, hehe.   The Fun and Laughter – well, I don’t want to take life too seriously. I never have any fun when I do, and where is the fun in that?

Living Joyfully

I intent to live each moment with as much joy as I can, but when I can’t, I intent to allow myself to feel whatever else I’m feeling, to sit with it, hopefully understand it, and then let it go, and come back to joy.


Everyday I dance, I have a better day. As someone who loves and respects herself, I think I owe it to myself to try to have more better days, more often. I want to dance, or at least to move, every day. With my hoop, with tunes, or just grooving to the rhythm of the traffic going by – I need to move to feel free.


I have made sharing my light and love my life’s work, so sharing has to be included here. This year I intend to branch out – to share more in more ways. I want to share with my writing, with teaching, with my serving, with dancing and in as  many ways as I can, without over extending myself. The flip side of this, is allowing others opportunities to share their gifts with me, to really allow an exchange of energy, love, light, gifts and talents to happen to see what will happen.


I intend to focus on the important things in life, and allow myself to let go of extraneous things. I know what is important to me (Love, family, friends, food, wine, dance, laughter, conversations, nature, reading and writing all make the short list).  I tend to be interested in all things, and while that is great in so many ways, I think this will be the year I try to spend my  limited time, energy, attention and funds on the things that truly matter to me.

My Love

I am getting married this year to an amazing man.   Our relationship, wedding, honeymoon and marriage are taking center stage right now .. . It’s so easy to get carried away with the party. I intent to stay present and focused on what’s really important: The party! Just kidding. But seriously, I am excited to host an event dedicated exclusively to the celebration  of our love. I am so grateful for the opportunity, mostly cause I really do love a good party,  and because it  give me a chance to incorporates so many of the other things that I intend to focus on anyway. Love, fun, laughter,  living joy fully, sharing, dancing, and even simplicity.

May this next year be full of Love, Light, Laughter, Fun, Joy and Beauty!

All the best in 2011!