Haters Gonna Hate

I say things that challenge the status quo quite often. Things that might sound pretty friggin crazy to some people. I have a non traditional belief system, but because I live and work amongst like minded people, who have open minds and open hearts, I often forget just how different my worldview is.

I know that we are all one, that we are sparks of the divine consciousness who have chosen to incarnate on Earth to learn as much as we can and to spread light where we can.  I know that we are creators of our own reality, not the victims of circumstance.

I know that the essence of life is love, and that spirit exists and that magic is real (it’s just a form of manifestation through visualization). I know that there is a soul, and that our consciousness  does not end with the death of our physical form. I know that we have all the help available to us that we need and that life can be good, and fun and worthwhile.

These aren’t mere beliefs. This is truth that resonates deep within my soul. Either that, or I’m batshit crazy and so are all my friends and fellow lightworkers.

There are lots of folks out there that would think that I am crazy. Schizophrenic even. If the things I talk about are completely out of their frame of reference it can really come off that way, especially online. That’s fine. Haters gonna hate, and people are going to be scared and resistant to new (old) ideas. Especially ones that challenge their belief that there is no god, or if there is one, he is the paternalistic sky god from the bible who goes around smiting people. I know that stems from pain, and fear…  From feelings of abandonment. When people forget, or don’t realize that they made a choice to come here, and  live lives that are full of lessons, it can seem like life is just hard and unfair with an uncaring god, or worse, no god at all.  It’s hard to hear that you might be the one responsible for your pain, and for all the things in your life. Really hard.  It’s easier to blame someone else. To allow yourself to be victimized by others, by their families, by society at large.

But we are the creators of our own reality and existence. We are gods and goddesses in every sense of the word. We create the life we live and the lives we lead.

Some people really hate that idea.

That’s ok.

It’s all just love anyway, underneath it all. The ideas of hate and anger are illusory. They stem from the idea that we are anything separate from God, or from love. We chose that separation to be able to learn, but now we’re coming back to a time of non duality. The paradigm is shifting and more and more people are awakening.

It’s hard and scary for people to let go of the hate  and anger that they have in their hearts, but it’ll happen eventually.

It’s already happening.

Millions of people and countless beings of light are all working together, and will keep working until all of humanity understands that we are all one, and that all is love.


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