Manifesting Awesome and Radiating Light

I’ve decided to be less specific when I’m manifesting things.

I know the universe has a better perspective than I do, so I’ve decided to surrender to it, and be less specific  more often. Rather than trying to manifest things like: more money, or better hours at work, I’ve started just placing my focused attention on manifesting awesomeness of any sort into my life.

In the mornings, I take some time to pray/set intention for the day and connect with my higher self and the universe. Really, it’s just me talking in my head, or out loud to whatever/whoever is listening, which focuses my energy at a particular vibration level. Then, things of the same vibrational energy will be attracted back to me.

It’s a lot of fun, not knowing exactly what is coming up, but knowing that awesome things lie ahead. In return for all the awesomeness, I know my job is simply to radiate as much light and love as I can back into the universe. This keeps my vibrational level high, which in turn attracts more of that awesomeness, and more love and light back towards me.  It’s an infinite loop that is continually creating more light, love and awesomeness, of which the world can never have enough!


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