Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world

I am so immensely grateful for my friends and family. I am surrounded by amazing, incredibly loving and supportive people.

This post is purely to say thank you to everyone.

It was sparked by my gratitude for a surprise birthday party on Saturday night. I went to a concert with my fiance and two of my best friends, and met up with a few more friends there, but unfortunately, due to $ and circumstances, not everyone was able to make it that night. I figured I just wouldn’t really have a big gathering this year. But I came home to find a group of my friend hiding and giggling in my bathroom at 2:30 in the morning. I had no idea what they had been planing, and it was a crazy beautiful surprise orchestrated by my fiance and best friend.

Then to top it off, they brought art supplies and they painted two beautiful abstracts of how they see me and my soul.

They are so beautiful, I cried. The pictures don’t really do them any justice.  My friends are artists, every one of them, in professional and just for fun capacities… I can’t believe I get to hang these works of art where I can see them everyday and be reminded of  how much love there is in the world, and how lucky I am to be a part of it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Other creative outlets

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been obsessed with another creative outlet of mine. Dance, and more specifically hoopdance.

I’ve gotten a few new hoops and I haven’t wanted to put them down. I haven’t wanted to do much else honestly. I find dancing to be a place of meditation for me as well as form of exercise and way to play and to be free.

Dancing with a hoop is dancing with centrifugal force as a dance partner. It’s just you and the laws of physics dancing together, the hoop responding to your every move. Best dance partner I’ve ever had. It takes me to a flow state, a place of presence so much more quickly than any other thing I do.  It’s also a toy, it’s fun to play with (although the hoops we dance with are bigger and heavier than toy hoops).


I have been finding my expression through dance, rather than words, but I started to feel the words plugging up inside me too. I know I need to find a balance, but it always takes me awhile. So, if I’m not posting, blame the hoop, blame work, blame my laziness. But I’ll be back. I have way too much to say to stay away for very long.

My Meditation on 11/11/10

A few days ago I posted about the project which was encouraging people to meditate on world peace and raising consciousness on 11/11/10 at 11:11 pm EST for 11 mins, and then continue for 11 days.

I had a few friends over that night, beautiful wise beings who are talented lightworkers, healers and artists. We had a bit of extra time together to prepare and connect before the meditation because we had miscalculated the translation from EST to MST originally. It was divine timing really, because we were able to take our time setting up an altar with crystals, candles, incense, statues and some oracle cards. We smudged the house with sage and enjoyed each others company. I had bought a bottle of wine with the intention of opening it afterward in celebration, but in a moment of inspiration (or was it thirst?) I decided to open it and I poured us a glass in a red goblet. We toasted to many things. Life, light, love, peace, friendship… It was some of the most delicious wine I’ve had, and I think that was a combination of the set, setting and company and divine guidance for the evening.

We settled in to meditate after inviting our guides, and any other beings of light who wanted to join us. I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and said “guide me!”

I used a circular breathing pattern I learned from a meditation retreat in Sedona, Az. You basically just take one breath after another, without pausing at all between inhalations and exhalations. This sends more oxygen into your blood than you are used to and can take you to some pretty deep places quickly.

The first image I saw was of a Thai stone Buddha statue. Just the face, and it was the Buddha of compassion.There were so many other images and sensations. The most amazing things was seeing the earth light up with a grid of energy connecting all living beings. I saw the human brain light up, and bodies made of light. Then I had the almost overwhelming sensation of feeling connected to everyone, including friends from countless lives past. We had a beautiful soundtrack playing, and once the bird songs came in, it was like being immersed fully in all of nature.

I said to myself “I never want to leave here!”. It was blissful and joyful, and I was told “You’re always here, silly!”.

Then, our timekeeper rang, and we all slowly roused ourselves from our meditation. It was the shortest 11 minutes of my life, and none of us wanted to stop! It was beautiful. It was amazing.

I can’t wait for tonight.

Money – Letting It Flow Joyfully

Money is a strange topic with it comes to spirituality, and there are a lot of different opinions out there… Some people see money as a necessary evil that should be treated with wariness- some people have an ingrained idea that it’s holy to be poor that money is the root of all evil.

I don’t believe money or material possessions are evil or good inherently, it’s what you do with them. The intention behind them and how you use them.

I believe the universe is abundant, and that it’s completely possible to be a spiritual being who takes pleasure in material things. After all, we choose to come here to a material plane to experience a physical reality. I think it’s all in the balance. It’s great not to covet things, or to obsess about things. I don’t want that many things. I am perfectly content with all I do like things with a certain aesthetic though, and things of a certain quality. It brings me pleasure to have furniture that matches and that’s ok! I also have recently bought a few items that will bring me lots of pleasure and joy. New hoops for dancing, a couple new scarves that are pretty… A Xbox 360 with Kinect so the whole family can play games and be active throughout the winter when we can’t play outside. I don’t feel guilty about that, because a) I am not spending money I don’t have and b) while they aren’t necessities, they are going to bring me, and others lasting joy!  I think that’s my criteria for purchasing luxuries… How much joy with they bring, and will they enrich our lives. If yes, and we can afford them, then why the heck not?

Might as well, since I’ve learned to manifest as much money as I need. I’ve learned  through trial and error that the most useful approach for me with money is to see it as Tao.To let it flow, and allow giving and receiving to come naturally, without effort.

When I worry about money, when I start to worry about spending it,  or worry about making enough, I manifest a lack of money in my life. It’s hard to break out of this cycle. It’s important to allow money to be fluid, liquid… In order to attract it into your life, you have to give it freely as well, without worry. When you are generous with money, with gifts, etc you start to resonate at a frequency that attracts more money into your life. Money likes to be free!

I’m not saying spend all your savings, or spend money like a mad man or anything like that. It’s important to have savings, and to put some money away with every paycheck or every month. But being miserly with money does more harm than good. I know for me, it’s about using my intuition, and not being selfish

If you see something you’d like to contribute to, be it a charity or a project, please do! If you see something that would make a fantastic gift for someone, even if it’s not their birthday or a holiday- buy it! (You can even save it for a special occasion if you’d like, but it’s more fun to give presents just because). If you see something you’d love, that would fill your life with joy (real joy, not the kind that wears off a week later once the novelty wears off), treat yourself. Once you release your tight grip on money, and your worries and cares about it not coming back to you, it starts flowing in.

It’s like anything you hold on to too tightly. It starts to get resentful and wants to get away! Ever try to cuddle a kitty that didn’t want to be held? It’s all about having the vibration that makes money want to come hang out with you, and stay for a cuddle. I know that sounds crazy…  I totally had an image of Uncle Scrooge from Ducktails swimming in his piles of money. But you know what I mean. Create the right environment and it will flourish!

Money isn’t the root of all evil, nor the cause of all joy, but it can be both or either depending on how you perceive it.  Use money as a tool to grow your joy, and the joy of other beings and have some fun while you’re at it.

Haters Gonna Hate

I say things that challenge the status quo quite often. Things that might sound pretty friggin crazy to some people. I have a non traditional belief system, but because I live and work amongst like minded people, who have open minds and open hearts, I often forget just how different my worldview is.

I know that we are all one, that we are sparks of the divine consciousness who have chosen to incarnate on Earth to learn as much as we can and to spread light where we can.  I know that we are creators of our own reality, not the victims of circumstance.

I know that the essence of life is love, and that spirit exists and that magic is real (it’s just a form of manifestation through visualization). I know that there is a soul, and that our consciousness  does not end with the death of our physical form. I know that we have all the help available to us that we need and that life can be good, and fun and worthwhile.

These aren’t mere beliefs. This is truth that resonates deep within my soul. Either that, or I’m batshit crazy and so are all my friends and fellow lightworkers.

There are lots of folks out there that would think that I am crazy. Schizophrenic even. If the things I talk about are completely out of their frame of reference it can really come off that way, especially online. That’s fine. Haters gonna hate, and people are going to be scared and resistant to new (old) ideas. Especially ones that challenge their belief that there is no god, or if there is one, he is the paternalistic sky god from the bible who goes around smiting people. I know that stems from pain, and fear…  From feelings of abandonment. When people forget, or don’t realize that they made a choice to come here, and  live lives that are full of lessons, it can seem like life is just hard and unfair with an uncaring god, or worse, no god at all.  It’s hard to hear that you might be the one responsible for your pain, and for all the things in your life. Really hard.  It’s easier to blame someone else. To allow yourself to be victimized by others, by their families, by society at large.

But we are the creators of our own reality and existence. We are gods and goddesses in every sense of the word. We create the life we live and the lives we lead.

Some people really hate that idea.

That’s ok.

It’s all just love anyway, underneath it all. The ideas of hate and anger are illusory. They stem from the idea that we are anything separate from God, or from love. We chose that separation to be able to learn, but now we’re coming back to a time of non duality. The paradigm is shifting and more and more people are awakening.

It’s hard and scary for people to let go of the hate  and anger that they have in their hearts, but it’ll happen eventually.

It’s already happening.

Millions of people and countless beings of light are all working together, and will keep working until all of humanity understands that we are all one, and that all is love.

New Reality Transmission

An international group of physicists and mathematicians have created a movement called the New Reality transmission that aims to create peace on earth, through applied physics.

“…According to the most well-tested theory in Physics, Quantum Mechanics”, your consciousness changes reality. In this theory, the phenomenon known as the Collapse of the quantum wave function is what brings reality into existence. This is a fancy way of saying that one’s conscious  observation of small unseen waves actually causes those waves to “collapse into matter. In other words, conscious observation materializes particles into existence.”

We create our own reality, and through conscious intention we can change it.
On 11-11-10, at 11:11 pm EST, for 11 minutes- people will join together on the website or wherever they are to project their conscious intention to heal the world. To create peace.  To change the world.

This will happen for 11 days, and again on 1/11/11 and 11/11/11.

Please join us!

I’m so excited, I actually wept with joy reading the website. This is it folks. This is why we’re here, and what we’ve been waiting for. We’re creating a new reality for ourselves, where people understand we are the conscious creators of our lives. Fear, war, poverty, hate- they’ll all disappear and in their place- we’ll have love, joy and freedom!





Have Fun!

I have a fridge magnet that says, “If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong!”

I’ve been accused of being able to have fun at a funeral. What can I say, I’m Irish, we know how to turn a wake into a party! But seriously, I believe life shouldn’t be taken too seriously… Nor should you take me that seriously, so if you don’t agree, that’s all right, but it really is more fun to actively have fun!

You can include more fun in your life by doing more fun activities. I try to hoop, dance, play and be silly when I can. I have fun doing things like reading, cooking, walking, eating, chatting with friends, stumbling around the internet, etc.  But I also like to having fun during non traditionally fun activities, like working, cleaning, exercising. You know, things that can suck if you have your serious face on.

To have fun. you have to be present. If you’re thinking about something else, you’re not having fun. When you spend time in the moment, you can find the joy in it, and that’s where the fun comes in. Abandoning yourself to the present and enjoying it for what it is.

My intention this weekend is to have fun, while getting my sh*t done. I encourage you all to do the same.

Have fun with it!

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