Taking Pride In Your Work

When people ask me what I do for a living,  I usually reply, I’m just a server.

Never mind that I can’t think of anything I’d rather do right now, never mind that I love my job, that it’s fantastic money, and flexible hours. Never mind that I work at one of the nicest restaurants in the city.  I still have a hard time taking ownership of my job title.

I used to have more prestigious job titles in front of my name. Box Office Manager, Operations Manager. They sound better than being a mere ‘server’, don’t they? I used to have employees, tons of responsibility (and the stress and long hours that come along with it).  I don’t really miss that (all right, sometime I do), but I do miss the sense of pride that came with having those jobs.

I have been working on taking pride in what I do now. I have made a conscious choice to be doing what I am doing, and I love it! I love hosting people. Entertaining them, plying them with food and drink and helping them enjoy their meal out.  I love taking care of them. It’s something I do very well, and I do take pride in that. It’s a fantastic feeling to be complimented on your service, either verbally, or with a big tip (although the best feeling is when both are given at once).  But I still say “I’m just a server.”

Well, not after today. Not after this post, heck, not after this sentence. I am a server. A waitress, sure, but I am more specifically, here to serve.

That is, after all, what I believe my life for. To learn, to grow and to serve. I serve truth, love, light, with cocktails.


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  1. YearWithoutShopping
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 23:10:09

    Preach it, girl! I am so privileged to have gotten to know so many people through my English tutoring, who are employed as servers and bussers and dishwashers and cooks, who bring that light and joy and yes sorrows and sadnesses to me every time we sit and talk in the Mexican restaurant booth. “Just” servers? Oh heavens no. Even those who don’t particularly enjoy or take pride in their jobs are precious to me. Because they know me, they take care of me with joy when I am with them, even if they struggle to do so with strangers.


  2. Jeanine
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 10:47:17

    I want to do something I’m proud of, not just something I like to do. I really love being a server! I believe that this occupation is really underrated and much harder than so many people give it credit for. A really good server who genuinely cares for her customers and their experience is really hard to come by. (We just happen to be two of them). I love being a part of a special night for anyone – making their meal, and whole experience, truly spectacular. So why aren’t I boasting with pride over being a server? Social standards? Maybe. That’s part of it. But I also feel like I should be more. But what’s “more?” Who defines “more?” Society? The “more” that I have in my head has been defined completely by my experience in this society and culture. So then, I’m wanting to be “more” than just a server for cultural status purposes? Eww. That disgusts me. So do I bend to society’s will and aim higher? Or do I maintain a lower status to fight the status quo, but always have a gnawing feeling of inadequacy? Or is there some other option? That I’m just unable to see?

    In any case, I don’t really want to be a server for the rest of my life, just for now: so I do have an intention to become “more.” But then, the problem still remains that the server remains “just a server” regardless of whether I am one or not.

    Just venting…it’s been something that my mind has been going in circles around for a while, so your post seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it out. Yeesh…it’s 5 am and I can’t sleep. Anyway, night.


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