Get Rid Of Things That Suck

Sounds obvious right?

But how often do we hang onto physical and emotional crap that drains our energy?

We feel best when our energy flows freely. When we can receive energy properly, from the air, food, our environment, people around us etc, and when we can expend our energy without being blocked (by people, circumstances, etc).

When we have too much  physical clutter around us, it’s stressful. It doesn’t allow energy in a place to move around effectively or naturally. I don’t know much about Feng Shui, but I do know that clutter leads to blocked Chi (energy).

Physical clutter also leads to more mental clutter. Our outside world tends to reflect our inside world and vice versa. There is a biofeedback between them, and we can approach clutter clearing from either direction.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to clear physical clutter. Gretchen Rubin from ‘The Happiness Project” (blog and book) devotes a month to clearing clutter away. She organized closets, got rid of junk, basically just cleaned everything up, and she felt amazing. Lighter, clearer. Physically and spiritually. I’ve gotten this de-cluttering high myself. It’s hard to get started, but incredibly rewarding.

A more difficult kind of clutter clearing is to get rid of the less tangible energy suckers. Friends or acquaintances who are energy vampires, taking and never giving anything back to you. Obligations you said yes to that take up your time and energy that don’t give you much if anything in return.  If you are already stuck in situations like this, how do you rid yourself of these sucky things?

Well, the first step is to avoid taking on anything else that will drain your energy unnecessarily. Learn to say no (in a pleasant way). It’s not mean, it’s taking care of yourself, so you have more energy to give to the people and projects that you are passionate about.  If you’ve been saying yes to everything people ask of you, it can be difficult and scary to set boundaries up for yourself like this. Just remember, you don’t owe people an in depth explanation as to why you can’t volunteer for your cousin’s charity dinner/silent auction. Just give them your best wishes.

Recently, I was getting bogged down by a lot of negativity online. It was starting to affect my mood, and I decided to protect myself. I’ve hidden friends on facebook who constantly had negative status updates. I’ve de-friended a few of the worst offenders. I’ve taken a break from a few message boards. I’ve spent more time writing, exercising and just being outside. Doing things that re-charge me instead of suck my energy.

I stopped watching the news and reading the daily paper a few years ago, when I noticed how much it affected my blood pressure, my mood and my energy. I read headlines as I walk past paper boxes, and I check google new every once in awhile, but I refuse to be immersed in it. I’ve been told it’s cowardly and of no use to stick my head in the sand, but you know what? I’m happier this way. I still know what’s going on in the world, and I’ll research stories that seem particularly relevant or interesting, but I’m not constantly being bombarded with messages that the world is an awful place of pain. Because of that, I have more energy to be positive and to spread love and light to those I encounter, which goes far further than improving the state of the world than just worrying about it ever will.


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  1. YearWithoutShopping
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 17:08:57

    Thank you, Kacie! I just blocked a couple of people on Facebook who I had delayed blocking out of politeness. Ahhhh… much better now. My apartment is messier than I like it, and cleaning is definitely on for this evening!


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