Weather and Mood

Anyone living in Alberta this year has noticed we have had some unusual weather. It’s rained so much here in Edmonton that I’ve felt like I was living in Vancouver, or Ireland.

At first it was fun. It was novel and different. I love the rain.  I love the way it cleans everything up, makes everything smell, and how it smells after the rain. It was even fun to bike home in the rain at times. But after a few months of this, with sunny warm summer days few and far between- it started to get to me.  It turns out I love the rain far more when it doesn’t rain all the time.

I stopped biking to work, cause I was sick of being soaked on a surprise shower riding home. I stopped dancing in the backyard with my hoop as often, cause the ground was water logged and the grass was full of mushrooms. I stopped feeling as joyous as I normally do.

I’m a creature that loves the sun, and the sky, and the moon. I love being outside, but it turns out I don’t like constantly being soggy. I always had a suspicion I would have a hard time living in Vancouver. The sun energizes me, and without it I start to become as withdrawn and gloomy as an overcast day.

We have beautiful weather today and I’ve been outside, playing in it. Recharging myself and enjoying the warm fall day. But I don’t want to get carried away. It’s going to be nice for the next couple days, but I know the rain will come back.

Is there a way to stockpile sunshine? I’m going to try, somehow. Soak more of it up in my veins. But while I’m out there, I want to start thinking about ways of making it through the rain, and snow when it returns.

I have a few strategies dressing for the weather always helps.

Making outside for fresh air even if it’s gross out helps too.

Taking a mid winter vacation somewhere sunny and warm works, but isn’t always feasible.

I know there are lightbooks out there that you can use to supply yourself with some more “natural sunlight rays” indoors that work like a charm for people with seasonal affective disorder, but I don’t think I suffer from that (although I’m sure using the lightbook couldn’t hurt).

Supplementing Vitamin D helped me last year when I was stuck inside with a broken ankle in March.

I’m going to be on the lookout for more things to combat the weariness that can sneak up on me when I don’t get enough sunshine, but for now, I’m just gonna go out and play in it.

What strategies do you have in place for the coming darkness ahead?


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