Familiar Faces

I’ve been noticing for the last while that everyone I see looks vaguely familiar. Sometimes more than vaguely- I’ve seen lots of dopplegangers of friends and family too. But it’s usually just more of a feeling of familiarity. Someone looks like someone I know, or just looks like I’ve seen them before.

As I’ve been pondering this relatively new phenomenon, I thought that perhaps it’s just living in this neighborhood.  I spend most of my time in the community, and  as it has almost everything you need,  most people living around here tend to spend time in the immediate area as well. Maybe I’ve just seen all these people around here before- at the grocery stores, banks, while working in two neighborhood restaurants, and wandering the streets.

But it happens when I venture out of this immediate area as well. I find people looking, and feeling familiar everywhere now.  I think it has to do with years of believing that we are all one.

We all come from the same source energy, and while we are different, individual beings- we still have a connection to each other that can never be broken.

I have been intermittently practicing a spritual exercise from  sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee’s book The Face Before I Was Born: A spiritual autobiography (1997).  (Highly recommend this book, btw- It opened my eyes to the romance that can be had in the mystical relationship with God).

The practice is  to live in the world as though there were only you, and God.

It is a life changing experience to feel what the world feels like when you acknowledge the sacred permeating everything.

I remember, I was sitting in a coffee shop reading the book when I came across the passage and my perspective shifted immediately.

I had always felt, and believed that we were all made of the same spiritual stuff. That we are all sparks of divinity and have the essence of creation within us.

But I had never really FELT is before. I was surrounded by God, at Starbucks.

I felt something in me shift. I felt lighter, and safer than I have ever felt before. I realized that every person, every non living thing too, had a divine nature. The essence of everything (including both light and darkness) is sacred. It is spirit.

It felt like being in an altered state of consiousness. This instant mediation created a shift in my perspective that lasted intensely for days, but as most things do, it slowly faded (although never back to my starting point).

I would occasionally remember this exercise and then be swept back up in the marvel of living amongst god, but it’s been awhile- probably months since I’ve thought of it. It wasn’t until this morning when I sat down to write this post about familiar faces everywhere that I realized it is simply an outgrowth of this journey of spiritual discovery.

It’s a spiral path. We all takes steps forward, and feel we have a closer connection to the divine than ever. Then life happens and you get caught up and it feels like you take some steps back, but when you move forward again, you are closer than you were before, and realize you were walking the spiral the whole time. Spiraling inwards, towards home.



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