My own happiness project

I am about halfway through Gretchen Rubin’s book ‘The Happiness Project’, where she dedicates a year to the pursuit of happiness.  I had  stumbled across her blog before the book was published, and loved the idea of it. Once I’m finished the book, I’ll comment more on her project, but for now, I want to talk about my own.

This blog is an outgrowth of my own happiness project. Over the last few years I’ve been consciously exploring happiness, as a part of journey towards spiritual growth. To me, they are one and the same.

There are things that make me happy, there are people and events that make me happy, but ultimately, I can only be happy when I feel love. When I feel love, either loving someone/thing myself, or feel loved, I feel happy.

I’ve been trying to think of an exception to this rule, but I can’t.

The amazing part to all this is through strengthening my connection to the divine, and to my own spirit, I have become a far happier person, because I feel so much more love, and so much more loved.  It spills into my everyday life, and branches out into all the activities I do, the people I interact with and the very core of my existence.

I’m not sure what conclusions Gretchen will come to after her project. I agree with everything she’s come up with so far. She certainly sees love as a part of it- a very central part, but I don’t know if she’ll boil everything down to it.

I feel gratified, because I’ve been saying, or echoing, really- I’m certainly not the first to say it- Love is all there is.

Exploring life through the lens of love and loving compassion for yourself, and for the world leads to happiness, or perhaps- that’s what happiness is.


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