Doing as one

I  found a beautiful website the other day that is bringing as many om’s to the world as it can.

It’s called Do As One.

There are many rooms where people can join other people live in meditation, breathing, focusing on an intention or chanting Om. You can see on a map where the others in  the room with you are  located across the globe. As I type this, there are 38 people in the Om Room, resounding Om together.

I love their explanation of Om:

“It has been said to have multiple meanings. It represents all three powers of the Universe: creation, sustaining and destruction. It has been said that if you stood back very far from the world and could hear all of life happening at one time it would resemble the sound of a large Om.”

They add “Holding a thought, intention or feeling and resounding the cosmic sound of Om will increase the amount of energy behind that thought, intention or feeling manyfold.” Their goal is to have one billion people breathing together synchronously in one moment by 11/11/2012. Just image what we could do, working together like that, focusing on an intention, like Joy, or peace. What a healing experience.


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