Hello world!

I’m finally ready to start typing.

I’m ready now to bare myself, unselfconsciously to the world. Or at least, to the internet.  I’ve been reluctant and in some cases, terrified to speak as candidly as I want to, and I know I need too, about life, spirit and love.

I know, I remember and I trust myself now. I used to wonder, who the hell did I think I was to want to share this with the world? I was just a little girl. But I’m a woman now, and more importantly, I’m a servant of the Goddess- a servant of love. A messenger of light, just like countless other beings  here to share a message of light and love.

I want you to know:

Everything is all right.  In fact, everything is just as it should be. We’re all here on Earth willingly, to learn. We’re all students, here for The Experience. You’re never alone, and you have more help than you can even imagine.